Monday, April 16, 2012

traction bars and frame customization

Traction bars and frame customization
My truck was just finished up besides the traction bars and the frame reinforced.  To reinforce my frame I have to take the cab and the motor out and also the bed.  I and my aunt will have to weld and make bunch braces to take the torque form the power. I took over this week and I got new doors and finders. Then I went and bought new slicks for the back which is tiers for racing. Then I and my aunt went to Jeggs to get shifter upgrade and also a five point racing harness, a racing harrness is a sfty belt that holds you in. The tiers and the harness alone was $900.00 which is costly. If you’re getting in to racing you better have a lot of money it gets pricey. Right now I have at least $10,000 in my truck and still ant even close to be done.  The first race is 2 weeks after we get out of school and I hope to have it done to race it and not to get hurt.  I got the nos holed up and got to hook up my rear-end and put it on the dino and tune it to get it in the right shape for the races. Only a couple of people have seen my truck my parents has not seen it it’s kind of a surprise to them I’m going to drive it to my graduation party. Just to show it off and see what they say about it and get all the comments on it.

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