Monday, April 9, 2012

The race to finish race vehicles for this summer.
This car that you see in the figure has nos which is an upgrade for cars to make them faster.  I myself have an 86 ranger with a built 302 with 50 shot of nos that I’m building now. I hope to have it done this summer to race at the trails with my buddy’s dad. My paint job is going to be custom paint with a face on the hood in memory of my friend that died in a crash. The crash was caused by a drunk came left of center and totaled my friends car. We are rebuilding his car now to bring the memory back for us to remember. Buds car was a 69 Ford Mustang with a 460 custom frame with a blower and other high performance parts bought from Jeggs. His wife is getting into racing we are surprising her with his car we are building it for her to race. We are painting it the same color which is metal flake green with yellow flames. She knows we are working on cars just she doesn’t know that it was his. I just went last week and got a 50 millimeters turbo for my race truck,  it cost $350.00. Now I am planning to go get an extra tank of nos to put in it to have 300 shoot of nos. I just plan that my motor will hold up to the power and all the heat.

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