Monday, April 23, 2012

cams and barings

Cam and Barings
When your choosing to build a motor for your car a cheap and easy way to get some extra house power and cool sound’s is put a cam in it. My truck that I race has a bigger one in it. My truck that I drive which is an 86 ford f-150 2wd is going to get an extreme cam in it. My trucks getting lowered little bit and new rims, paint job, frame work. And also restored frame to roof. It’s going to be metal flake black and silver metal flake with rainbow in it. And I think it will look good my truck has almost 400,000 miles on it and never really worked on it. People like my truck but pick on it for the fact its little rough and old. When I get the cam and everything done to it it look new and beautiful. My dad gave me the truck when I was 14 years old because I always asked about it. When my dad gave me the truck my brother got mad because he wanted it. I have came up with a rough stamens to redo my truck ill have about $2500.00 in the full restoration. Which isn’t that ad when my other vehicle cost $6000.00to restore? That vehicle was a 69 road runner with a 440 with 2 fours in it. It was the color hemi orange with black strips. I always got told it was too loud but it was street legal somewhat.

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