Friday, May 4, 2012


Theirs many types of motors for vehicles. Some examples is v8, v6, 3sounder, v10, and also my favorite diesels. When getting or parching new motors look at the mileages. And look for worsen parts or damage areas on the motor. And if you just buy a new motor to build you can put upgraded parts in it and on it like blowers and intakes and gaskets, and nos hook ups , and last is my m=favorite headers and superchargers and cams. My truck that I race has a procomp cam and a super charger. My super charger builds 15 pounds of boost and that’s really ant much. My friends ranger that he races has a 600 pounds boost charger on it and it’s quick.  His truck has beat me at a lot of races but I don’t get mad because, it was his dads truck who passed away on his son’s birthday when he was 8 his son wanted to race it so I helped him  fix it up with some money I had. Witch made me miss a race that I wanted to do but I didn’t care I helped him out so that’s nice. I didn’t have to help him but I decided to. His truck is yellow and nice I’d like to have it myself but it was his dads and he never gets read of it. Witch I don’t blame him for not wanting to sell it to anyone. If it was mine I wouldn’t.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Aftermarket Exhaust

                      Aftermarket Exhaust
After market exhaust will help out on fuel flow and fuel getting burnt.  Theirs many different brands of exhaust in the world. And another thing that goes with the exhaust system is the headers or manifold. Some brands of headers that I know of are hooker headers which are a exhalant brand that is on my truck now. They make headers for every car made and if not they will make it. My Honda has a turbo and a custom made header on it to do the turbo and exhaust system it comes out in front of the back wheel. We customized frame and other modifications’ on that car to make the $1000.00 exhaust system that the owner bought. The muffler that ends the system sits on the ground when he lets the air bags down. It’s crazy piercing the systems for any vehicle to upgrade it. Example my Mazda it cost $600.00 for the exhaust system for it and it’s a level one and the header coast almost $500.00 upgrading gets pricey and hard. You run into problems and slight customizations you have to make to fit your part on. Headers look cool and might sound a little better but I recommend that you leave it stock. I have run into so many problems customizing parts to make it fit on the car. A big problem that scares me is ill have to cut and plate the frame and make a spots for the bends in the system to be well placed.